Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow in the Napa Valley

We don't see a lot of snow here in Napa Valley.  So when I was traveling down the Yountville Crossroads last Saturday morning, I stopped to take a picture of the snow on Mt. Veeder.  I wasn't going to include this in a post since the great majority of Americans would probably respond with: "You call THAT snow?"

Piña Vineyard Management (not to be confused with Piña Napa Valley) cares for lots of vineyards in the valley. There is a foreman assigned to each of the properties.  When I got to work this morning, I received the following pictures taken by Jesus Hernandez. Jesus oversees the Pahlmeyer Vineyards east of Napa, and sent these pictures, also taken Saturday morning:

Thanks for the pictures, Jesus!


Steve said...


Does snow affect dormant vines? Here is citrus land any cold is a cause for fright.


Ranndy Piña said...

Hey Steve,
I talked with our viticulturist, John Derr (Yes, your bro-in-law) about this, and he said it's the temps, not snow, that cause concern. And that when the vines are truly dormant, we don't get temps low enough to cause problems here.

Steve said...

Thanks, Ranndy. With citrus friends say they worry when temps get below 28 degrees. That's when tree trunks start to split apart.

Sometimes I forget the "wealth" of knowledge with our family.